Club Range 

The branch has a rifle range with covered bench-rest facilities in the Rimutaka Incline recreation area in Kaitoke (Pakuratahi Forest). The range is certified to modern standards and provides for shooting up to 200m.

 The range certification restricts smokeless centre-fire rifles to a maximum of .45 calibre and black-powder to .75 calibre. Tracer and similar types of ammunition are not permitted 


Please e-mail all enquiries to (including range use, access cards, membership and general) to:

Range Access

link to Range Access card application process - Range Access Cards

The range is licensed for use only to financially current NZDA Hutt Valley Branch members. It is not a public range. Committee members in attendance will  check for identity and a current firearms licence. Anyone without proof of membership or licence will be expected to leave the range immediately.

In accordance with the current Arms Act all centre-fire semi-auto rifles are banned from being used on our Kaitoke rifle range. There are no exceptions to this ruling including the Police or others who may be deemed ok to possess prohibited firearms. Any firearms irrespective of calibre and type with magazine capacity greater than 10 rounds or shotguns with greater than 5 round magazines must not be used on our range as they too are prohibited. Prohibited ammunition must not be used on our range.

 All current financial members that have a current firearms licence are able to utilise the range.  To access the range we recommend obtaining a range access card for the gate (see below).  This will allow you to drive to the range.  Without a range gate key there is an 800m walk from the Rimutaka Incline car park to the range. 

You are expected to bring your own target frames and to remove all rubbish.

Shooting at glass or the use of tracer/incendiary type ammunition is not permitted. Users must comply with all rules and conditions.

The range is available for use by clubs and members 7 days per week from 08:30 through to dark  unless booked. Bookings are advertised on the range page however access is not guaranteed at any time and HVNZDA reserves the right to cancel access at any time. All users are expected to make way for contractors and maintenance work.

All members and visitors who use the range, by doing so, agree to comply with club rules and current range standing orders.

Range Calendar

Competitions are held most Sundays at our range by the branch and other shooting organizations. Morning shoots usually start at 08:30 with afternoon shoots starting at 13:00 through to a preferred finish time of 16:30. To avoid getting to the range on a Saturday, or in some cases a week day, only to find that there is an organized shoot in progress check the Range Calendar page before you leave.


  • No firearms are to be used BEFORE 08:30 any day of the week out of respect for our neighbours.
  • For member's casual use of the range please check the club website for bookings and availability.
  • The range may be closed without notice if there is work required in the area adjacent to the range.
  • At all times, one member must act as Range Officer
  • The Kaitoke Pistol Club runs casual shoots at the range every Tuesday night from 18:00, during daylight saving. Visitors are welcome to join them and have a go. The range is still able to be used by club members for other shooting
  • Alcohol is not permitted during shooting events

Range Access Cards

A gate access card (for the electronic lock) can be issued to financial members (except family members). The loaning of access cards to non-members is not permitted as the range is a private facility and requires users to be financial club members, comply with club rules, be fully conversant with the current Range Standing Orders and complete the Kaitoke Range Safety Course.

Access cards and locks are updated on ANZAC Day each year (if you renew your membership before ANZAC Day each year, your range card will continue to work, otherwise, it will be deactivated.

Note:  Access cards are available at the monthly branch meetings. Further information is available here. 

By using the range, it is considered that you have agreed to abide with all rules and conditions.

Range Rules

Before using the range please ensure you have read and understood the range standing orders and completed the online Kaitoke Range Safety Course. It is a requirement of your membership that you abide by these rules. 

The RSO's and general range rules can be found here (scroll to the bottom of the page).

NZDA Club Shoots

The club holds shooting competitions and all members are welcome to come and try their hand. Suitable for all levels of expertise,shoots cover field positions using rim-fire and centre fire rifles. Click on Branch Shoots - competitive/coaching on the sidebar for more information. 

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