About us

From the beginning the Hutt Valley New Zealand Deerstalkers Association Incorporated (HVNZDA) has been supporting not only recreational hunters but the local Upper Hutt and wider outdoor community. We have been creating opportunities since 1960 for a positive impact to people’s lives regardless of their socio-economic or cultural backgrounds. This is achieved by the support and relationships garnished through participation in our club activities and recreational hunting in general.

The Hutt Valley New Zealand Deerstalkers Association Incorporated (HVNZDA) was founded in 1960 with a small gathering at the first meeting held on the 20th of September 1960 in the W.D.F.F hall in King Street Upper Hutt.

The founders of the day had a vision to create a club with a fundamental purpose that would firstly ensure the traditions of recreational hunting and the rights of recreational hunters in our region were protected, advanced, and advocated for in the best interests of its participants and supporters.

Secondly the club would also foster the interest and understanding of native flora and fauna and their conservation in our region to ensure a sustainable environment for both game animals and native species.

The HVNZDA uses volunteer workers and donations that are supplemented by grants from likeminded organisations to complete projects or initiatives for the benefit of its members, the local community, and the environment.

Today the HVNZDA club boasts one of the largest branch memberships in the country at around 1000 active members. HVNZDA is one of 48 New Zealand hunting clubs affiliated to the national body, the NZDA. The NZDA is a democratic body giving a unified national voice to hunters and the hunting community. The NZDA has been protecting New Zealand’s hunters’ rights and our big game animals for generations. The NZDA currently represents and advocates on behalf of approximately 12,000 members.

The HVNZDA is based out of Upper Hutt with the club house located at its rifle, pistol and bow range located at the Kaitoke Range Complex, Rimutaka incline Upper Hutt. The club has developed the range into the premier facility in the Wellington district, being freely available to its safety certified members. It is also bookable online by approved persons, organizations and authorities like the Police and Regional councils.

The range is shared with a club-maintained bird/wetland area for the pleasure of its members and a constant reminder for the need of a conscious contribution to conservation and sustainability.

The HVNZDA primarily serves the Hutt Valley and Wainuiomata areas with a significant number of members coming from the wider Wellington region. The HVNZDA represents the interests of the regions hunters as a not-for-profit and non-government organization (NGO) promoting safe and ethical hunting.


Regionally, we are the advocate of recreational hunters but locally, we are your hunting club.

Our Fundamental Purpose and Commitments

Our fundamental purpose is to ensure the traditions of recreational hunting and the rights and facilities of recreational hunters, participants and supporters in our region are protected, advanced, and advocated for in the best interest of that recreational hunting community.


  • Creating opportunity for positive impact to people’s lives regardless of their socio-economic or cultural backgrounds though the support and relationships garnished through our club activities and participation in recreational hunting in general.
  • The fostering of interest and understanding of native flora and fauna and their conservation in our region to ensure a sustainable environment for both game animals and native species, including participating in game management and pest control activities.
  • To strenuously oppose commercial exploitation of the region’s wildlife, public lands, and natural resources wherever and whenever such activity is deemed to jeopardize, exclude, restrict, or conflict with public usage and where commercial exploitation is contrary to sound conservation practice or the interests of the wider community.
  • Maintaining and advocating for new facilities and access for the wider outdoor community by participating in programmes with DoC and other likeminded organizations that includes regular maintenance programmes on tramping tracks, huts, campsites, and the like.
  • The preservation, encouragement, and advancement of the sport of recreational hunting, hunting opportunities, bushcraft, safety, shooting and the like, including provision of education programmes to that end.
  • To support the national body of the NZDA in general, including its principals, initiatives, and ambitions.
  • To make rules, policy, regulations, and codes of ethics in line with the NZDA as necessary or desirable in the best interests of our club and enforce the same.
  • The protection of the rights and interests of recreational hunters including the facilitation of consultation and or arbitration with other individuals or entities on matters under dispute.

Our programs and facilities

The following programmes, services and facilities are currently provided to benefit club members, the wider community, our environment and general flora and fauna of New Zealand:

  1. Maintenance of huts and campsites with the Club being a member of the Tararua, Aorangi, Remutaka Huts Committee (TARHC). Comprised of Tramping and Hunting clubs as well as representatives from DoC, clubs undertake maintenance with funding provided by TAHRC and/or the Back Country Trust.
  2. Track maintenance by TARHC as part of an agreement with DoC.
  3. Pest control in conjunction with programmes initiated by regional and local councils to assist in the management of wild animal and pest populations in the region.
  4. HUNTS Training programme– focussed on safety, ethics, outdoor craft, hunting skills and navigation.
  5. Rifle, Pistol and Bow range – governed by standing orders, accessible by safety certified club members 8am to dusk 7 days a week, bookable online by authorized persons, organisations, Police, or other authorities.
  6. Club House and Club bird/wetland area located at the Range.
  7. Club newsletter, monthly meetings, and misc. events for the purpose of sharing information and camaraderie.
  8. Club competitions for Shooting, Photography, Video and Trophy Animals.
  9. Subsidised organised club hunts for purpose of camaraderie and knowledge sharing.
  10. Members hire of safety equipment for purposes of recreational hunting.

Our team

The HVNZDA is led by our volunteer committee. The HVNZDA is affiliated to the NZDA who is led by CEO - Gwyn Thurlow.

The current HVNZDA committee members are as follows:

  • Trevor G - President
  • Mark S - Vice President & HUNTS Training Course Coordinator
  • John T - Secretary
  • Ross N - Treasurer
  • Dannielle C - Events Co-Ordinator 
  • Rhonda F - Membership Officer
  • Michael G - Douglas Scoring
  • Ted W - HUNTS Training Course Instructor
  • Neil M - HUNTS Training Course Instructor
  • Jason V - HUNTS Training Course Instructor/Club Hunts
  • Gordon G - HUNTS Training Course Instructor
  • Warwick G - Bowhunting Co-Ordinator/Club Hunts
  • Harry M - Club Hunts
  • Mike M - Club Hunts/HUNTS Training Course Instructor
  • Brendon G - Club PLB/Radio Hire
  • Serge R - Advocacy Co-Ordinator
  • Brent M -Committee Member
  • Eben F - Range Admin Manager
  • Simon Y - Technology Manager
  • Craig T - Grants Officer
  • John L - Range Manager
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