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Range access conditions, rules of conduct, and duties


  • All persons utilizing the Kaitoke Range Complex must read and comply with the current Range Standing Orders and all club rules.
  • All members are required to complete the online Kaitoke induction / range safety course, https://forms.gle/Zw4JfrcrgbvvPywa9
  • Digital access APP authorizations may not be used by anyone except the authorized member. The loaning of authorized APP devices to non-HVNZDA members is strictly forbidden and will result in your membership being terminated.
  • Access holders are fully responsible for anyone accompanying them on the range at all times. HVNZDA does not accept any liability for individual behavior on the range at any time.
  • No firearms are to be used BEFORE 08:30 any day of the week out of respect for our neighbors.
  • Shooting after dark is not permitted under any circumstances.
  • All firearms used must comply with the RSO's See Range Standing Orders. Rifles up to and including any calibre with a muzzle energy rating of 7500 Joules (approx.. 5532 ft-lbs) maximum (ft-lbs = projectile weight (grs) x velocity (FPS)).
  • Tracer, incendiary or AP ammunition is not permitted at any time.
  • Users should direct their shots into the backstops provided. Shooting at targets on the range floor may cause ricochets that could leave our templated area.
  • Do not shoot at glass or items that leave shards or non-decomposable debris. E.g. bottles, TVs, computers.
  • When shooting shotgun aerial targets, direct all shot away from the creek to minimize lead contamination and remove all wads and empty shells.
  • Do not shoot at steel targets closer than 50 yds. with any calibre (This differs from RSO’s for club use)
  • Please take away all rubbish. This includes food rubbish as it attracts wasps and vermin.
  • All shooters MUST remove their brass casing from the range area. There are brush and pans and brass bins provided if you do not wish to reload your spent casings. Failure to collect your brass could result in loss of range privileges. 

Range conduct:

  • At all times, one licensed HVNZDA shooter must act as Range Officer (see RO duties and commands).
  • On non-booked days, all shooting must be performed from behind the red line.
  • Alcohol is not permitted on the range during shooting events.
  • Be respectful of other range users and obey the RO at all times.
  • Do not handle firearms (including bagging, un-bagging, scope adjustment, cleaning etc.) when the range is closed and especially when people are forward of the red line.
  • Unlicensed shooters must be directly supervised by a FAL holder when shooting.
  • Any incident must be reported to the HVNZDA CRO & Committee ASAP (hvnzda.range@gmail.com)

Range Officer (RO) duties (for casual range use):

The range Officer shall:
  • Be familiar with the current RSOs.
  • Control the range at all times.
  • Inspect firearms to ensure they are clear before allowing people forward of the red line.
  • Ensure that targets being used comply with requirements.
  • Ensure that users take away their rubbish.
  • Monitor users so that regular breaks are provided for target checks and set up.
  • Utilize the following commands as appropriate:
    • Range Open: Ok to handle firearms and commence shooting
    • Cease Fire & Show clear: Shooters to immediately cease fire, unload firearms and wait for inspection of firearms.
    • Range Closed: Cease firing, no handling/adjustment of firearms or scopes.
    • Clear to go forward: Typically used after Range Closed.
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