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  • 18 Aug 2020 11:23 AM | Anonymous

    It appears DoC now have some planner resource available so the stalled process is to continue. DoC are apparently now forming a draft based upon the working groups past efforts. Given the recent Tahr control implementation plan varying significantly from that expected we have flagged to DoC that we and GAC need involvement and that the plan should not vary from that previously discussed. A meeting is to occur shortly and we hope the constructive process to date has not been hijacked by the minister.


    president, LNIRDF

  • 10 Feb 2019 11:31 PM | Anonymous

    Those of you who put in a submission in June will have received notification in December of a 2nd round for submitters. Essentially the DoC regions took submissions, made their recommendations and then the national panel ignored most regional recommendations and have proposed opening virtually everything using their self written Deer Policy to usurp the previous controls put in under the Wild Animal Control Act and Conservation Act. This is wrong but they are trying to get away with it.

    The deadline for this second round is soon, 15th Feb. Hopefully most have re-submitted already but if you haven't the links below give some background on the changes proposed and a draft template submission - please re-word to suit yourself. Key things to oppose are the attempts to retain the invalid WARO openings of the Remutakas (83%) and Tararuas (18%). DoC are trying to keep them open based on the status quo despite that status being declared invalid by the high court. Akin to a thief arguing that they should keep stolen goods because they are in possession of them.

    This round is supposed to only accept submissions from those who submitted previously however DoC have added in new changes so even if you didn't submit in June feel free to preface your submissions with their new openings provide you the right to now submit. One of the new openings the national panel propose is the Kaweka Forest Park.

    Please feel free to use the draft submission emailed recently as a pick and mix list. Close off is 15th Feb.

    more info via DoC's website


    thanks, Gordon  

  • 05 Jul 2018 9:25 PM | Anonymous

    DoC are running a hunter consultation on the next WARO permits which could run for 10 years unless rec hunters succeed in reducing the term to just 2 or 3 years to allow for a full comprehensive review and hopefully a new less confrontational system.

    They have tried to limit it to just some clubs, the timeframe has been very short, information incorrect, meetings very short notice. Essentially it is best described as a farce. No where near enough time has been allowed, it does not meet DoC's own consultation guidelines and the WARO guys are bleating as well.

    They have also proposed keeping open to WARO a number of the areas (including the Tararua and Remutaka FP's )  we took them successfully to court over. There have been no justifications put forward for any proposed openings and when asked DoC had none. It is management by ignorance and open everything dogma and its just plain wrong.

    Around 4 hours after the north Island close off DoC announced they had extended the close off by 2 more weeks until 16th July 2018. There is still a chance for rec hunters whether in clubs or unaffiliated to be involved.

    The more submissions the better. The time extension given after the original close-off is almost certainly so as the WARO guys can make a better case, we need to counter that and have the interest in the issue drive DoC to reinstate the comprehensive WARO review we and the court were promised but they reneged on.

    We have put together some pick n mix type template submissions for guys to consider using as an easy way of doing a submission.The templates via the links here are not that brief but guys can cut them down.

    Deadline is 16th July, submissions to nsutton@doc.govt.nz

    Thanks, GG


  • 26 Feb 2018 10:23 PM | Anonymous

    DoC have reneged on the much promised (including to the High Court) overall review of WARO. To all intents they are trying to shut hunters out of a fair say in an activity which clearly adversely impacts upon rec hunters. They have turned their back on a chance to have a constructive process that could set the scene for a sustainable hunting regime benefiting all parties and conservation. The feral venison price schedule is up and activity is high, chances are it will affect all hunters.

    follow the link and take some action





  • 12 Sep 2017 11:14 PM | Anonymous

    As part of the Ruahine Deer Plan process a survey was conducted via the Game Animal Council with the link to the survey available to all those seeking permits for the Ruahine Forest Park.

    The survey though not a huge sample set has some interesting information it.

    Ruahine 2017 Recreational Hunter survey results.pdf

    At a recent meeting of the Deer Plan working group it was also estimated from the permit data and DoC land area totals that the Ruahines represents around 1% of the total DoC controlled estate but attracts permit applications from around 8% of all those who seek permits. So the area is very significant to hunters. 

  • 04 Sep 2017 9:19 PM | Anonymous

    The foundation held its AGM 23rd August. Amongst discussions were repayments of funds to some of the clubs which gave above and beyond to the court challenge (NZDA HV and Wgtn, Horowhenua hunters, CDFG and NZDA BOP). The funds came from the costs awarded in in challenge win.

    The foundation is also setting up a new website and membership system which will allow supporters to join for around $15. The intent is create both some funds and more importantly to try and create a large group of interested hunters from those not already affiliated to a club as a lobby base.

    Today (4th Sept) we held a meeting of the Ruahine Deer Plan Working Group. Progress is slow but heading in the right direction. The hunter survey has produced some interesting data and as soon as the reworked draft is ready we will provide a link from the GAC website.




  • 19 Jun 2017 9:31 PM | Anonymous

    GOOD NEWS!!!

    We have heard the result of our High Court challenge to DOCs 2015 WARO concessions that resulted in allowing WARO into previously Closed areas in the Lower North island

    We didn't win all of our grounds we applied for, but some of those were similar and have resulted in the department changes to be considered invalid

    We previously agreed that if we won, we would accept no change until the next concession review process which is due to begin very soon. This was because the change effects all WARO concessions, not just those in the Lower North Island.

    Below is our lawyers summary of it

    “While the Court did not accept all of the grounds in our application, it found in our favour in regards to natural justice.  Justice France considered that a duty to consult with recreational hunters existed due to the factors set out at paragraph [53] of the judgement.  These include The High Court has issued a declaration that the 2015 WARO concession, and in particular the land boundaries set in the Forest Parks were invalid due to failure of natural justice.the significant nature of the changes to the land in the Forest Parks, and the fact that WARO operators were given an opportunity to comment on the classification of the land but recreational hunters were not, as stated in the judgement: Standing back, I am satisfied this been an unfair process caused by a failure to consult with the applicant.’ 

    The decision has not quashed the current 2015 permit, because it considered this to be a disproportionate response given that the permit applies to the whole of the North Island (and there is only 1 year left to run). 
    Costs have been awarded to the foundation!


    Great result, for all the effort put in by Derrick, Ivan and myself and all our supporters and their donations  


    DOC have been put on notice. There are a few things still to sort out including lobbying Minister (P Dunne) to change the actual concession. Watch this space

    We are working on a media release. Spread the word



    The justice decision is available via the link below

    LNIRDF v Minister of Conservation - decision 19-6-2017.pdf



  • 19 May 2017 11:34 AM | Anonymous

    The Lower North island Red Deer Foundation had its day in court Wednesday 2nd May, finally (take 2 scene 1).Initial court day was deferred from December 2016 due to a WARO operator wanting to participate.Too early to say what the result is likely to be and could be couple of months before we get a decision

    But on the positive side, the Judge appeared to get a good grasp of the issues after a fair bit of questioning of both counsels. Our counsel thought that's the best we could ask for, to happen.

    The areas effected are Ruahine, Tararua, Rimutaka forest parks, and the Wairarapa reserves in the Lower North island

    Key issues the Judge wanted our counsel, and DOCs to explain/justify included;
    the consultation process, role of rec hunters in the Wild Animal Control Act, the "effects" on hunters of the decisions to remove exclusions to WARO, the basis for the decisions (ie deer densities), among others.

    Very interesting day, seeing how the process worked.

    A positive result for the LNIRDF will have far reaching effects on recreational hunting and WARO management by DOC throughout the country.

    Our aim has been to show that hunters should have been formally consulted, and the effect the decisions had on hunting were significant. Also that rec hunters have a Statutory role in Wild Animal Control and should be given better consideration in the decision making.

    The aim has not been to exclude WARO, but simply to get DOC to include hunters in the decision making process and get a better deal for hunting and Game Management.

    Many thanks to all those that donated to the cause. Without the support from hunters, this challenge would never have happened. That would have resulted in more of the same from DOC. We believe this challenge by hunters is the first to go all the way to court. Whilst threats have been made in the past no court action had resulted, we had always backed down. It has also become clear that DoC and the WARO guys never thought we would go this far and that they could "
    weather the storm" and we would go away as we always had done.

    No matter what the outcome hunters now have credibility.

    This has not been cheap and we are still seeking donations,

    Donations can go direct into to the “Lower North Island Red Deer Foundation Incorporated”. Donations can go to Kiwi Bank acct # 38 9017 0707871 01


    There is also a give a little page

  • 20 Mar 2017 10:14 PM | Anonymous

    Hi Guys

    Please see the attachments for updates and a draft CMS submission. Really important that guys put in a submission - closing date is 4th April 2017



    Wellington Conservation Management Strategy guide v2.1.docx

    Wgtn CMS 2017 Submission form.docx 

    WARO challenge update 3-Feb-2017.docx

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