Kaitoke Range Safety Course

As of 19 November 2017, all members wanting to use the Kaitoke range need to complete the following online safety course or hold another recognised and valid range officer qualification (NZDA, Pistol NZ, or WSRA). Existing members will need to complete or provide proof that they hold a valid range officer qualification from one of the clubs mentioned above by 1 November 2018.

There is a $10 fee to enrol and complete the 'Club Induction Course' and this goes directly to NZ Firearms & Hunter Education..

We are doing this to enhance range safety for all users as we continue to get complaints from members that shooters are not following the Range Standing Orders (RSO's). One mistake could close our range permanently. 

A copy of the certificate needs to be brought to a branch meeting or e-mailed to the following address: hvnzda.ro@gmail.com 

In 2018, we will be running an RO course, 20 participants at a time, which will involve theory and practical elements. If you successfully complete, you will be given an HVNZDA range officer card (cost is approximately $5, further information to follow).

You can complete the Kaitoke range safety course here: 

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